Snooza Ultra Comfort Lounge – Medium

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  • Luxurious and supportive bed designed for utmost comfort
  • Calming, extra-soft ruffled faux-fur sleeping area
  • Low-rise bolster walls create a cozy and secure space
  • Non-slip base made of anti-allergen Australian orthopedic foam for even weight dispersion
  • Soft, fiber-filled cushion adds an extra layer of comfort
  • Low surrounding bolsters provide easy access and a resting place for heads and paws
  • Ideal for pets seeking luxury, support, and relaxation
  • Sizing information provided in centimeters (cm)
The Ultra Comfort Lounge is a luxurious and supportive bed designed to provide your pet with the utmost comfort. Its key features include a calming, extra-soft ruffled faux-fur sleeping area surrounded by low-rise bolster walls. This combination creates a cozy and secure space, perfect for pets that like to curl up and nest or simply sprawl out.

The bed’s non-slip base is made of anti-allergen Australian orthopedic foam, which ensures even weight dispersion, providing excellent support for your pet’s joints and hips. On top of the orthopedic foam, there’s a soft, fibre-filled cushion that adds an extra layer of comfort for your furry friend.

The low surrounding bolsters not only make it easy for pets to access the bed but also offer a resting place for their heads and paws, promoting a sense of security and relaxation.

In summary, the Ultra Comfort Lounge is the ideal bed for pets seeking a combination of luxury, support, and a cozy spot to rest.

Sizing Information

All measurements are in centimetres (cm).

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