Snooza Calming Hoodie Cuddler Mink - Small

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  • Specially designed for dogs who like to burrow, providing comfort and security
  • Luxurious faux-fur lining for a deep, calming space
  • Removable hooded cover for easy cleaning
  • Filled with eco-friendly Snoozafill made from recycled PET drink bottles
  • Refillable Snoozafill adds to sustainability
  • Proudly made in Australia to maintain high-quality standards

The Hoodie Cuddler is specially designed for dogs who like to burrow, providing a deep, calming space that offers comfort and security. Dogs love to scratch, turn, and settle into a curled up position, feeling fully supported in luxurious faux-fur. The bed’s hooded cover, soft and lined with faux-fur throughout, creates a perfect nestling spot, especially for snuggling pets or those with anxiety.

The cover is easily removable, and the cushion and bolster walls are filled with Snoozafill, an eco-friendly material made from recycled PET drink bottles. This not only ensures durability but also reduces landfill, making it a kinder choice for the planet. Moreover, the Snoozafill is refillable, adding to its sustainability factor.

Additionally, the Hoodie Cuddler is proudly made in Australia, maintaining high-quality standards.

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