Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed – 3kg

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Benefits of Hills™ Science Diet™ Large Breed Puppy dry food:

  • Promotes controlled bone growth: Specially formulated with an optimal level of calcium to support the unique developmental needs of large breed puppies, ensuring they grow at a healthy pace.

  • Delicious chicken flavor: Your large breed puppy will love the taste of this dry food, making mealtime enjoyable and appetizing.

  • Supports strong bones and teeth: The balanced minerals in this food help promote the development of sturdy bones and healthy teeth in your growing pup.

  • Enhances eye development and brain function: This dog food contains DHA from fish oil, which aids in the improvement of your large dog’s vision and brain function.

  • High-quality protein source: The inclusion of high-quality protein assists in building and maintaining muscle mass in your large breed puppy.

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